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Northern Lights D23

Artist Statement



Inspired with a passion for fire to metal, and over a decade of diligent studies and mentorship, I have learned and mastered a variety of different techniques to manipulate metal.  Melding skills and concepts with a vivid imagination, I find inspiration from looking at everyday objects in an extraordinary way.


The jewelry I create incorporates simple lines with a surprise twist.  These lines evolve into an obsession with circles that deviate from the norm.  Not always restricted by symmetry, a concept of balance can still be found in my work.  Asymmetry plays a major part in life, and reflects itself as offset stones highlighted in silver parabolas with touches of gold and dark patinas.  A little mid-century modernism floats through my realities as some form of geometric shapes are always colliding with lines and curves.


An important element in my work is texture, which enhances almost all of the pieces.  I create a subtle contrast in each reflective finish, often using patinas and mixed metals to achieve a perfect results.


My jewelry is meant to adorn, attract attention, start conversations, and inspire.

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