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I had the great fortune to grow up in the magical world of Puget Sound, where I was enveloped in the colors, textures and yes, the rain.  I was so attracted to the beauty of my surroundings, I began my academic studies as an art major, but soon realized that business would be a much more practical major.  After college I found myself working in state politics and then moving to Seattle to work in the music business.  After years of being around creative people in the music industry, I had a strong desire to study art again.  I went back to school to learn metalsmithing.  After some years of studying techniques and developing my own style, I created Judy H. Morgan Jewelry.  I enjoy working in recycled sterling silver, 22k and 18k gold and gold bimetal. Many of my designs include rough and faceted gemstones as well as Victorian English sea glass.


I love to live by giving back more than you take.

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